Happy 60th Birthday Mudcat!!!

Dave Mudcat Saunders turns 60 this October 27th.

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Editor’s note: All but one of the comments below are actually from the person they appear to be from. (See if you can guess which one isn’t.)


23 responses to “Happy 60th Birthday Mudcat!!!

  1. Jennifer Palmieri

    xo and best wishes to Mud!

  2. 60 — that must be a typo. happy birthday Mudcat, thanks for keeping us yankees on our toes.

  3. Hey Mud,
    I happen to know that you are in fact not 60 years but 60 years older than mud. I hope you spend your birthday bagging lil’ innocent critters in the
    woods just like you have taken down so many
    not so innocent Republicans.
    We all hope that you will be around for sixty more
    years at least, givin’ the forces of darkness unholy hell and tellin’ bad jokes down at the gun store.
    Thanks for being my buddy. yr pal, Buster

  4. Hey Mud – well, it was only a few months ago that we were plotting how to take over the world at an Ihop in Columbia and I was saying “Damn! He doesn’t look a day over 59!”. A lot can change, but young or old, you’re still the best political strategist above or below the Mason-Dixon line. Here’s hoping the next 60 are just as full of mischief.

    Your friend –


  5. Since I grew up with Mudcat, lived one street away from him, and he is my closest friend of my 48 years here on God’s planet, and he is the only other Democrat that I know that tells people all over America that he is from “Cave Spring VA”, just like I do, I will offer you some of his lifelong, favorite quotes concerning life:

    “Jesus don’t give a damn about Democrats and Republicans, Jesus cares about right and wrong, and good and bad”!

    “He couldn’t find an elephant in a five acre field”, when used to describe morons like, oh, say for instance, Joe-the-fake-plumber!

    “It’s their mouth, son, they can haul coal in it, if they want too”!

    “Kitty, Kitty’s a killer”, referring to his spoiled-rotten cat!

    Happy Birthday, son.

  6. Stephen colbert

    Happy birthday, mudcat! If only you had been my
    Campaign manager…oh well, best not dwell on
    What Might Have Been. Stay disarmingly folksy, you hillbilly! And most of all Stay Strong!

  7. Hey, Mud, Happy Birthday. You are the man who put “u. r.” in rural. Now we’ll see how you do with sexagenarian.

  8. Thank you for your advice and counsel and for giving us Senator Jim Webb. Happy Birthday!

    Harry Reid

  9. Reverend Mudcat,
    Children love you. Deer fear you. A nation celebrates you. I hope you’ll use this, the occasion of your 75th birthday, to answer this nagging question once and for all: Why do you hate the Jews? Happy birthday.
    Keep on trucking,
    Matt Labash

  10. Mudcat,
    You shook me all night long.
    Sarah Palin

  11. Dirt Dog (a/k/a “Mudcat”): I never thought either of us would make it to 60 but welcome to the new 50’s club!!

    Hope you have a great 60th!!

  12. Hey Mudcat!

    Dee Davis told me that it was your 60th. Just remember, all we have to do is outlive our detractors. I realize that in your case such a feat will take a while longer. Eat well and may the fire of the great Democratic party keep your engine burning for sixty more. God bless.

    Nick “Sweet Daddy” Stump

  13. Madeleine Stowe


    Does turning 60 mean that you’re too respectable, now, and that I shouldn’t play your delicious voicemails to my friends, anymore? Naw, I don’t think so. The morning coffee shop elitists need a dose of Mudcat-ese just to teach ’em a lesson. Happy Birthday, my dear, dear friend. I’ll always be grateful for that long, one-day road trip in S.C. and your sparkling company.


  14. Mr. Mudcat, as my blog regulars call you, we wish you a Happy Birthday on your 60th, and hoping for many, many more. Watch Your Top Knot!

  15. Tucker Carlson


    60? Time to switch to filters.



  16. Happy Belated Birthday, Mudcat. Thank you for everything you did for John Edwards’ campaign, and for pushing the rural issues agenda.

  17. Life zips by…in three shakes of a lamb’s tail you’re 60. We red flannel heart you, you mangy cat.

  18. Shelly Wade Baldwin

    Love you Mudcat! I’m voting this year in honor of Fred, I think that would make him proud! Happy Birthday to a wonderful man and I hope to see you soon…when you taking us to dinner 🙂
    Love always,

  19. Remember Mudcat, 60 is the new 40! Hope you have a wonderful day. I appreciated so much all that you did for the Edwards’ campaign and for all you continue to do for us Dems and “That One” .

    A friend and admirer in Texas,

    Marcia aka “Mardee” and “Mush”

  20. Happy b-day to the DirtDog.
    He who understands “economicable” development.

  21. Mudcat, slippin’ up the holler
    Mudcat, tryin’ to make a dollar
    Mudcat, give me a swaller
    And I’ll pay you back someday.

    Happy 60th from the Darlings and your friends at The Roanoke Times, if you have any of those left.

  22. Hope to see you in Georgia in 2010.

  23. i use to blog alot on the main website for western north carolina glad your showing that hillbillys can be educated and smart givem hell

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