Mudcat on Rachel Maddow (Video)

Aired August 4, 2010

Interview begins 3:10 into video.


3 responses to “Mudcat on Rachel Maddow (Video)

  1. Jim Frederick

    I don’t know how, but somehow I overlooked your contribution to the political realm until the first time I saw you on Maddow, which was last night. Your appraisal of the issues that are crippling America are spot on. Economic inequality and the out-sourcing of jobs off shore. Both issues are responsible for the evaporation of the middle and working class in the U.S. The unemployment will REMAIN arround 10% or higher until we get the jobs back that were shipped over seas and to other third world countries. All of these politicians make slight references to the issue, but never follow through with any legislation to penalize American corporations for this travesty. Until that is done, there will be no hope of those jobs ever coming back, and frankly even if were were to sanction penalties against these corporations, they may just relocate their headquarter elsewhere to avoid the issue even further. I’m not sure that would impact us anymore than their off shore antics already have, as they hardly pay any taxes under the current Bush strategy as it is. They always seem to find loopholes to avoid their fair contribution?

  2. Cindy Risk Maguire

    I Love you! I saw you for the first time on Rachel’s show last night. And I was so very impressed with you.
    I have been trying to get out the word to friends through my FB page… that we can not become complacent over the fact that we (progressive/liberals) have not gotten everything that we want in the bills that are being passed in their watered down form. That having a bill that we can build on, through amendments in the next congressional session needs to be our focus (we can’t amend a bill if we don’t have one to amend.)
    We as Democrats have to remind people how very important it is that we get to the polls and vote for Democrats in Nov! We have come a long way. And to just not show up at the polls or worse to vote for a candidate that would vote to repeal all the hard fought policies that are so important to our nation and our ever shrinking middle class would be insane!
    We must remind people that we are in this mess because of the Republican Congress and the Bush administrations failed policies. They are nothing more than corporate whores!
    And we need to expose them one by one for the lying hypocrites they are.
    Remember when Larry Flint took out the full back page of the NY Times and offered a Million dollars to anyone with evidence of a Republican member of congress that has been involved in an extra marital affair. Bob Livingston and 6 other Republican members of congress (one’s who voted to impeach Pres. Clinton) were taken out. I loved that!
    The “Misinformation campaign” that has been the standard for the GOP with their bought paid for mouth pieces from FOX news… need to be exposed for the liars they are. We need to run ads, showing a clip of one of their lying rants… then follow up with the FACT CHECK and/or SNOOPS. DAY IN AND DAY OUT… KEEP SHOWING DIFFERENT CLIPS THAT ARE BOLD FACE LIES THAT THEY ARE SPREADING. Then… ask at the end of each one “what is the agenda of these people?” “Do they want our country to fail?” “Whose side are they on?” “Do they really think that you are that stupid… that you can’t fact check what they say?” etc. etc. etc.

    One more thing… I often get emails (you know the ones… chain email spreading a bold face lie.) What I do is I select “reply to all” then I attach the fact check debunking the rumor… with a scolding message”, of how ignorant and dangerous these lies are to our country and they are contributing to the dumbing down of America”.

    Time is running out… We need a big GOTV push starting today!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Jonathan from Missouri

    After seeing you on TV, I picked up your book. I just finished chapter 1, fun read so far.

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