‘Mudcat’ Saunders vows to run a ‘national campaign’ against Eric Cantor

By Alex Pappas – The Daily Caller.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Famed southern Democratic operative Dave “Mudcat” Saunders has signed up to take on a new target: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

In a Tuesday interview with The Daily Caller, Saunders — the colorful consultant who has worked for southern Democrats like Jim Webb, Mark Warner and John Edwards — confirmed that he’s working for Democratic congressional candidate Wayne Powell, a retired Army colonel challenging Cantor for his U.S. House seat in Virginia.

“We’re going national,” Saunders told TheDC of the Powell campaign. “And we’re going to be doing a lot of national shows.”

The campaign’s message against Cantor? “He screwed us, and us is pissed.”

“What he has done is sold out the 7th District and his country so that he could become majority leader and continue his march to the speakership,” Saunders said. “It’s all about Eric Cantor. It has nothing to with anything else.”

He added: “It’s a classic case of a guy going to Washington and buying his way to the top.”

Saunders has been with the Powell campaign for two weeks, he said.

“I wasn’t going to do a campaign this time,” the consultant said. “Had no intentions to do it. Then I met Wayne Powell. We have a good horse.”

Cantor has more than $5 million in his campaign war chest, but the hope is to gin up enough national interest in the race to raise enough money to put up a fight, Saunders said.

“We cannot win this campaign, cannot tell the story on Eric Cantor, if we don’t have bullets.”

“How are we going to raise the money? We’re going to tell the story,” he said.

And while toppling Cantor seems far-fetched, Saunders claims the district’s voters are open to someone else. “He’s not well-liked in his district. He doesn’t do town hall meetings, he shelters himself from the electorate.”

“This ain’t about red or blue,” he added. “This is about red, white and blue. This is about the health of the country. We got to stop this crap.”

Cantor was re-elected in 2010 with a 25 percentage point margin of victory over his Democratic challenger.


31 responses to “‘Mudcat’ Saunders vows to run a ‘national campaign’ against Eric Cantor

  1. Great job Mudcat! Sign me up! Let’s do it!

  2. Vicki (from the old days at the Pot) Weiss

    Lets go Mudcat! This country cannot afford another day of Eric Cantor!!!

  3. Mudcat,
    I just saw you on Bill Press Show – count me in!!!
    After we defeat “Can’t or” come down to Fl and help us with Rick Scott and Rubio….

  4. richard butler

    saw you on Bill Press this mornin,missed the dump Cantor web-sight.I’m in Please e-mail the web link.I’ll see on my facebook page if I can raise some money for Wayne.

  5. Mudcat,
    I saw you on Rachel Maddow’s show. I am so glad I have had my view of Eric Cantor vindicated. That guy makes me so angry I can not stand to listen to him, let alone look at him on tv. I cannot believe how these Republicans think Americans are idiots and it is insulting. I will see if I can garner some support for your guy. Then we need to do something about the Republicans in Texas.

  6. Clay bobrowski

    Eric Cantor just has to go. We need jobs not a stymied republican congress We just don’t need another thirty some votes to stop the affordable medical reform but we do need some action on jobs!! The same goes for Mitch M

  7. cantor should be HANGED for TREASON!!!!!!

  8. r stephen traywick

    wear it out mudcat.

  9. Sharon Fuller

    My partner and I just saw you on Rachel Maddow and fell in love. We are behind you 100% and would love to see Cantor go! Can’t happen soon enough! The guy is a creep and a crook!

  10. My man ” Mudcat”…

  11. Barbara Harrison

    Saw you on Rachel Maddow & had to call my sis in VA (I got banished to OK years ago..lol) & told her she needed to catch it on the repeat. We lost our Dad in ’95 and you look & talk so much like him. He was a man with a head full of sense & so are you. I’m going to get your book; you GO GET CANTOR!!! It’s so great to know that men like you are fighting for an America that those “Young Punks” can’t even imagine!

  12. Cantor is a crook and is looking out for ”Cantor” and just Cantor!

  13. Owen norton

    Eric Cantor and the Republicans, are not the solution, they are the problem. Go Wayne Powell.

  14. Sandy Rainey

    I saw you on Rachel Maddow and it is about time somebody really shined a light on that cockroach, Eric Cantor. I really don’t now how he keeps winning his seat. He is nothing but a power hungry worm who is gunning for Boehner’s job. When he stands behind the Speaker, I swear you can almost see the drool dripping off of his fangs. Go Wayne and Mudcat!

  15. I saw you on Rachel Maddow last night. I can’t WAIT to take it to Cantor and Tea Part-Y. I’m in VA, transplated from MD & am shocked at the republican party’s antics in this state. We desperately need to focus on (1) BANKING & REGULATORY remedies (think Barclays LIBOR scandal which I’m certain will blow up in US, Europe, Austrailia, Switzerland), (2) unemployment (invest in infrastructure, retraining & education), and (3) environmental issues (is fracking really safe, making solar more affordable looking at models developed by German citizens, stop Monsanto from monopolizing our farmers, climate change is real, etc.) I’ve got TONS of ideas I HOPE you’ll be soliciting them from the VA citizenry so we can make ALL AMERICANS aware of the dangers we’re facing. LOVE THAT YOU’RE WORKING WITH CREDO— it cannot be understated HOW IMPORTANT DONATIONS VIA PAYPAL are now days because many Americans do not have credit cards any longer but every Ebayer has a PAYPAL account 😉

  16. CW4 Robloy@bellsouth.net

    God Bless Mudcat..get that “Jerk” out fo Congress

  17. Campaign ad: Eric Cantor would have you believe that unless Social Security, Medicare, and PPACA or drastically reduced America will go broke.

    Your response: You don’t have even a rudimentary understanding of America’s monetary system. We are a fiat currency nation. We issue our own currency. By definition we can not go broke nor can any of our federally funded programs.

  18. Becky Brewer

    I watched you on Rachel Maddow’s show and loved every minute of it!! Every time I see Eric Cantor I get so angry my right eye starts twitching like a frog in a science experiment. Cantor has got to go. Keep up the good work. I wish I could help you vote him out of office but I’ll do what I can to help from Tennessee.

  19. Saw you on Rachel Maddow’s show and screamed outloud “THANK YOU GOD FOR MUDCAT!!” And thank you also for joining forces with Wayne Powell. The Dems need to get back in the majority and Obama needs to have 4 more years because if not, the middle class is TOAST! Hopefully, with your help, that will be reality. As for the Republicans, they keep telling us it’s raining but all the while they are pissen on our heads!!! You GO BOY and get on the Bill Maher show, PLEASE!! He is a man after your own heart!!

  20. ClaMounte (CLAY) Bobrowski

    Amunition is needed for HIS district where the people vote for him. It’s the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and his district celebrates that BIG Time! Has he done any thing offensive there. His district is horse country. Any mistakes known there? Jobs! I once worked at the Old Dominion Manufacturing Company in Culpeper on the Titan missle program. They don’t do that any more or anything similar…Why? See what dirt we can find!

  21. So happy to see someone from south of the Mason Dixon besides Jimmy Carville speaking up for the Dems. Cantor Ryan Boehner and McConnell just got to go along with Bachmann Perry and Issa. What we have going on in politics was brilliantly articulated in SALON by Sara Long about Southern Politics taking over the government as we know it. Its plantation politics and we had better beware of how these folks want to govern the rest of us.

  22. FYI REPUBLICANS- You can put all the sugar in shit that you want to, but people aren’t going to eat it.

  23. A. Graige Johnson

    My very good friend and neighbor, Wesley Jacobs, told me that “Dave Mudcat Saunders is the best democrat in Virginia”, and I respect Jake’s opinion. Was seriously impressed when I saw him on Rachel Maddow’s show. I want in on the “can cantor campaign”.

  24. Jeannie Henley.

    I would like to see the American people take down Eric Cantor. But losing re-election will be a good start. I have an idea for an ad, if done right, he won’t survive. You talked about the context on the Rachel Maddow show. If you want to talk about it, how do we do it?

  25. Here’s more on how Cantor cares not one wit for his middle class constituents, or control of the criminal class of speculators jacking up commodity prices affecting the budgets of the middle class and economically challenged.

    MUDCAT……….Go get this traitor


  26. Steven Faith

    Dear “Mudcat”, I am a Maryland Democrate who is going crazy not being able to use my energy and rage in my already Democratic distrct. Knowing I had to do something I put Cantor in my sites and signed up to help Wayne Powell any way I could a couple of months ago. I told Mr. Powell I would drive over the Potomac and knock on every door in the 7th district if needed to speak the truth about the dreg Cantor. Needless to say I was thrilled when I saw you on The Rachel Maddow show last week…count me in! I really belive we can pull this off. I have made another donation and will give more in both time and resources. Thanks for joiniing the greatest upset in 2012 and take back our government to the people. Look forward to meeting you. Steven D. Faith

  27. Anthony Wade

    I just happen to catch the middle of your conversation on the Stephanie Miller Show, and it was a pleasure to catch even that much. I have no doubt who I’m supporting in this race. Let’s do this Wayne Powell!

  28. loveandonlylove

    As a native Virginian and current resident of Floriduh, I must state that Eric Cantor is a self-serving weasel (no offense intended to weasels)! Let’s send this pompous ass packing and restore our government “of the people, by the people, for the people!”

  29. There are times in this life when I am reminded that there really are intelligent, articulate citizens who can look up, see the buzzards circling, and understand what that means. Thank you, Mr. Mudcat, from this old lady in Ohio (and her old man, too!) for your attempt to shoo the buzzards away…I’ve been working in Democratic politics for a long time, and have been refreshed to hear your proud progressive positions so well stated. “Liberal”, “Democrat”, and “Progressive” are not, nor have they ever been, four-letter words, and how great is it to find your readers/listeners/watchers understand that! Going to Wayne Powell”s site now, then to paypal, then to Facebook…if we can keep our WONDERFUL Sherrod Brown in the Senate, get rid of the weasely Cantor, and insert Mr. Powell (and a few more like him!) we can set the pace for a better, cleaner, more just future for all of us! Thank you for your work, and your commenters!

  30. i wish you would help mr. obama win his race

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