Mudcat calls Eric Cantor a crook on the Rachel Maddow show.

And that was just for starters.   Watch the video here:  (Mudcat interview starts at 6:00)


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13 responses to “Mudcat calls Eric Cantor a crook on the Rachel Maddow show.

  1. I love this man. I saw him on Rachel. I’ve been wondering when someone would take on Eric Kantor and show what he really is.

  2. Next are John boehner, mich mc’connel and daryl issa!

  3. so refreshing to hear Mudcat..just so glad he’s taken on the B&PFB Eric Cantor

  4. Vicki (from the old days at the Pot) Weiss

    Just love hearing Mudcat tell it like it is. Knocked it outta the park on Rachel.

  5. shelley1laysi

    Yep this is where I first encountered Mr MudCat…just the guy I needed to hear speak!! Again love love loved the man upon 1st few mins. listening …He’s just real true blue strong American fighter !! GO MudCat Go and I am taking notes and following your lead…OBAMA/BIDEN & A BLUE MAJORITY..2012 Bye byeeeee CANTOR U CROOK!!

  6. larry sizemore

    About time some one took this jerk on !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mudcat and please don’t let up !!!!!!!!

  7. When i saw, and heard you speak, on Rachel Meadow, it was so up proud to finally see a person who had the same out rage, for Cantor and his under
    Handed dealings, finally a leader with grit, i felt like cheering, thank you so much Mr Saunder, the Democratic party needs your back bone.

  8. Was unfamiliar with Mudcat prior to his interview with Rachel but love
    his bare knuckles, take no prisoners style and the way he went after Eric ‘Snidely Whiplash’ Cantor!
    Keep up the great work and I just now signed up for your blog. You have a new fan from the Left Coast.

  9. A “well-placed source” recently told Forbes Magazine that Adelson’s willingness to financially support Romney was “limitless.” A filing with the Federal Election Commission last night shows that Adelson and his wife, Miriam, gave $5 million to the “YG Action Fund,” a super PAC linked to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican. ” from the Huffington Post investigation on Adelson that I hope Mudcat will check out

  10. Mudcat, won’t you please get someone to set you up on “Morning Joe”? I would love to see the fur fly! I think YOU could make Scarborough bawl.

  11. Go for it, Mudcat. Who’d a thunk that a guy called “Mudcat” would prove so helpful in protecting American Democracy and do such a service to the American people by simply sharing the facts about Rich Mitt’s running mate. Let’s send Cantor back to Wisconsin, to sit and stew and scheme with Scott Walker on how next to destroy the American middle class and make us the slaves of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Addle-brained, Mitt Romney and that 1% of the US population – the Oligarchs who have taken control of much of our country. I love ya, Mudcat and am here to help.

    – Al – Vietnam Vet who still believes that Democracy is worth fighting for.

  12. love the Truths that are self evident

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