Cantor Caught Red-Handed!

Powell campaign questions Eric Cantor’s motives in hiding “spousal” exemption in House Insider Trading bill.  Cantor’s actions open the door to questions about spouse’s involvement in Cayman Island hedge fund firm.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor hid an exemption for “spouses and dependent children” in the House version of the STOCK Act, according to a CNN investigative piece. The STOCK Act, or the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, was heralded by both parties as a way to restore trust in Congress.

The bill passed both the House and the Senate and was signed into law by President Obama on April 4. The intent of the Stock Act was supposedly to force members of Congress, their staffs, spouses, and dependent children to disclose all stock transactions within 45 days. The Senate version does not exempt “spouses and dependent children”.

Cantor’s hidden exemption came as a shock to many in Congress and elicited a strong response from the bill’s author, Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass). The Powell campaign questioned Cantor’s motives in a prominently displayed piece in today’s Huffington Post:

“New Information” Is Cantor-ese for “I Got Caught”

Cantor’s spouse, Diana, is a partner in the investment firm Alternative Investment Management, LLC, with investment assets of more than $893 million, including $134 million in a Cayman Island hedge fund.

Wayne Powell:

“Mr. Cantor talks about transparency in government, but this is just another case of him fighting it. Cantor is the poster child for Congress’ dismal approval rating. He should immediately fix the STOCK Act, but he won’t.”


6 responses to “Cantor Caught Red-Handed!

  1. Larry Smith

    Cantor is the poster child for disingenuous corruption in Congress and today’s GOP. Go get the SOB. More power to you!

  2. “Immediately fix the STOCKAct” How about running Cantor out of town????? Cantor is a cancer in the House.

  3. What ever happened to Character, intergrity and flat out morality….WTF? When the President mentioned that Politicians had a legal right to trade in the market with inside information (Which the President wanted stopped)…I almost fell off my chair…That’s like knowing who is going to win the horse race and betting it…Where was the uproar?? You and I couldn’t do it, we would go to jail.

  4. Linda St.Denis

    Wow. Give em hell Mudcat. We the working class have waited too giddamn long for the gloves to come off. I’ve been saying for 15 years we need or are gonna have an economic revolution.
    Iam sick and tired of being the boots on the ground for corpoations only to be treated like crap. Thank you Thank you .

  5. Alan Runfeldt

    Mudcat – Just sure glad to have you on our team. We need a progressive with grit to counter all of those fooled fools who are sucked in by the b.s. spouted by those who think 1850 was a good year and that only rich, white folks should have a say in our country’s future.

    I mean P.R. may have had a tough and somewhat deprived early life, and M.R. may have been born to a “better” family, but if these guys ever got full control of the government, they’d do more harm to America than even Bush & Cheney were able to.

    Thanks for being here for us. Now let’s get back to work and continue the fight for democracy for all Americans.

  6. 5 Romney Ryan Tax Myths Debunked- Putting the lie to their phony truisms-
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    The Dixie Dove-
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    Well, we could reinvent the wheel while we’re at it. Long before there was any federal income tax or payroll tax there was a thing called tariffs. These tariffs were imposed by the Federal and State governments on goods being imported and exported in the US. Tariffs were paid 100% by the richest and most wealthy early American businessmen and if not glad to do it, THEY DID IT. And they built this country. Roads, Ports, Armies, Buildings, Our Capitol. God bless’em. And the last line of the Declaration of Independence reads…”And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” cont…

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