Mudcat on Hardball Rescheduled

Mudcat’s appearance on Hardball is being rescheduled. We’ll let you know the new time as soon as we can!


3 responses to “Mudcat on Hardball Rescheduled

  1. allen c. johnson

    Mudcat, caught you on Rachel Maddow and loved it. I am a HUGE fan. Please get rid of that bastard Cantor and if possible, set your sights on Boehner and then the Tea Party crazies, especially the ones I have to endure living here in Texas. All the best Mr. Saunders.

  2. Please, please, please, appear on Real Time with Maher

  3. Go Mudcat !!!! we need people like Mr. Powell who wont buy “short positions” against America’s best interests like Eric Cantor has…. good luck to Mr. Powell and thankyou Mudcat for working so hard on this election camp .

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